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Company Overview

The Arnhem Group was formed in 1980 manufacturing flavor enhancers and functional proteins for the meat & poultry industries. The industry base has since expanded to the beverage, baking, dairy, supplement & confectionery industries.

Arnhem expanded its business in 2000, with the introduction of our Oh! So Sweet product line of all-natural citrus extracts, which contribute zero calories & zero carbohydrates in finished products. Oh So Sweet works synergistically with sweeteners, allowing food manufactures to reduce sugar levels by as much 50% while preserving clean labeling.

In 2008 Arnhem introduced Oh! So Sweet Reb-A/Citrus Extract blend. The new product incorporates Reb-A (97% min. pure) with our citrus extract. The Oh! So Sweet Reb-A/Citrus Extract blend is all natural and 1000 times sweeter than sugar.

Our corporate office is based in New Jersey, a short distance from the ports of New York and Philadelphia, while our warehouses are located in New Jersey and Minnesota.

We continue to strive to provide innovative solutions across the food and beverage industries, and are always interested in expanding our product base.