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Flavex Technologies

Flavex is a line of multi-functional hydrocolloid proteins which have been used by major meat manufacturers for over 30 years. They allow manufacturers to increase yield, reduce purge and improve mouthfeel in meat, poultry and seafood products. They are also useful in binding meat together such as in a formed chicken patty. They provide fat reduction and cholesterol reduction, thereby reducing calories as well.

Our patented technology provides a means of encapsulating oil, oleoresin, spice, color, food chemical ingredients or other chemicals and additives in a colloid gel matrix for use in a variety of food products.

We are committed to ensuring that our customers always receive a consistent high quality ingredient. That is why we have a HACCP system in place to regulate our manufacturing procedures to guarantee that you receive the purest USDA hydrocolloid and milk proteins.



Oleoresin of flavors cannot be dispersed uniformly in water, low-fat or fat-free processed foods. In this picture, magnified 200 times, oleoresin of paprika was dispersed in water using a high sheer mixer. Oleoresin creams together and cannot be distributed uniformly in water, or low-fat food systems.

Oleoresin of paprika was dispersed in the "FLAVEX" Colloid Gel Matrix in very small particles, magnified 200 times. The oleoresin is protected by the colloid gel thereby reducing autoxidation of the flavors or colorant. The oleoresin particles are encapsulated in the gel matrix and insure a more uniform distribution in foods.